Mid-Island Ability Society

Mid Island Abilities & Independent Living Society

Mid Island Abilities & Independent Living Society is an effective, supportive  organization based in Nanaimo which supports and encourages all persons living with disabilities to overcome barriers and attain their own unique goals and achieve their potential and to lead a more independent lifestyle.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to promote leadership through compassion and professionalism; bringing awareness to the Community and encouraging confidence, self esteem, self advocacy and an independent lifestyle.

Our Vision:
To serve our Community with integrity, diversity and professionalism to empower people to be the best they can be; enhancing a healthy society through education and awareness for people with disabilities.

As a cross-disability support organization, we welcome and support anyone who self-discloses as having a disability.

The Purposes of the Mid Ilsand Abilities & Independent Living Society are:

  1. To establish a resource centre for independent living in the Central vancouver Island region whereby seniors and persons with disabilities will define, develop and implement resources that enable them to be independent and take part in community life;

  2. To promote and enable seniors and persons with disabilities to take responsibility for the development and management of personal and community resources;

  3. To provide services governed by a majority of persons with disabilities and to address the needs of disabled persons regardless of disability type;

  4. To promote integration and full participation of seniors and disabled people in the community; 

  5. To provide a vehicle for the gathering and dissemination of information about the needs of seniors and persons with disabilities and the services available to them.