Mid-Island Ability Society

Mid Island Abilities & Independent Living Society

YOU can Help!

Currently needed Puppeter`s Coordinator

As a non-profit society, we are always on the lookout for quality volunteers and even new Board Members.

We are open 5 days a week, and we need volunteers to help with our programs, fundraising initiatives, peer support and raising awareness of our Society and of seniors' and disability issues.

Here is YOUR chance to take an active part in the issues facing people with disabilities and to help seniors in your community.

If you have a disability, you already know many of the challenges we all face. YOUR experience could help others facing similar issues. Even if you don't have previous Board experience, your personal journey gives you the perspective and life-skills needed to help others with disabilities. YOUR voice is important, so come on out and be heard - take part in the growing movement of support for people with disabilities.

Even if you don't have a disability, you can help. If you are a concerned citizen and would like to give back to your community, why not consider a volunteer Board of Directors position.

Just go to the Contact page and send us an email, drop by or give us a call between 10 and 2, Tuesday to Friday. We would love to see you.